Applying for citizenship

Are you planning to apply for Estonian citizenship? If so, read on!

You will need to take six steps to obtain Estonian citizenship. The Integration Foundation is there to help you on this journey. We offer advice and guidance in planning the journey and preparing documents, free language training, and a preparatory course for the exam on Estonian legislation.

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There are six steps to becoming an Estonian citizen:

Step 1 – Take up residence in Estonia and apply for a residence permit

Step 2 – Take the Estonian language exam

Step 3 – Take the exam on the knowledge of the Constitution and the Citizenship Act

Step 4 – Rescind any other citizenship you have

Step 5 – Submit an application for citizenship

Step 6 – Apply for Estonian citizen’s ID

Guidelines and advice can be found in the ‘6 Steps to Becoming an Estonian Citizen’ brochure: 


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Kuidas saada Eesti kodanikuks? How to become an Estonian citizen? Как стать гражданином Эстонии?


What does it mean to be an Estonian citizen? What does it give me, and what does it require of me?

The best way of thinking about it is that being a citizen is first and foremost your opportunity to have your say on and make decisions about life in Estonia – the country you call home.

Citizenship isn’t an obligation, but an opportunity to create lasting ties with Estonia and to make your own contribution to the country’s future.

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The majority of people become Estonian citizens after birth, which means that at the time of a child's birth, one of his parents has Estonian citizenship. However, it is also possible to apply for Estonian citizenship if one is a citizen of another country after birth or has the status of a resident with undefined citizenship. Becoming a citizen other than by birth is called naturalization.

Welcome to the Estonian family!