Estonian language cafés

Language cafes will start again in June 2022.  Please see the schedule and information about registering below. 

The language cafés provide support for independent Estonian studies and a chance to practise to those who want to speak the language – adding to their vocabulary, practising studying independently and chatting about everyday topics in a relaxed environment.

Situations and topics that arise in day-to-day life are discussed at the cafés. These include things like introducing yourself, looking for work, training and studying, communicating with colleagues, travelling, enjoying hobbies and marking special days and occasions, as well as everyday situations such as attending doctor’s appointments and dealing with officials.

So what do they involve?

Here are five important things you should know about them:

1. They DON’T involve grammar studies
The language cafés are not language courses. They’re a chance for you to take a break from your everyday routine and practise your Estonian in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the confines of a traditional classroom setting. Your language skills will improve, and you’re sure to meet some great people.

2. Everyone gets the chance to speak
Finally you get an opportunity to focus on speaking Estonian and understanding what others are saying! You also build up your courage and self-assurance in using the language.

3. We keep talking the whole time
We don’t do any writing; we don’t do any exercises; we don’t do any reading. We talk, and talk, and talk.

4. Mistakes are allowed
No one should worry about the fact that their Estonian isn’t perfect. It’s so cute when people with English, Russian or some other as their first language speak Estonian, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you make little mistakes.

5. We talk about things that are of interest to people
It’s no secret that we all like to talk about ourselves, our travels, our hobbies, our work and our families. And they’re just the sorts of things we talk about at the language cafés.


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The methodological guide of language café can be found here: "Language café - free communication in an open atmosphere".

Language cafés are supported from the resources of the ‘Development and implementation of advisory and information system’ activity 5.1 of the ‘Activities supporting integration in Estonian society’ project nr 2014-2020.2.06.004005006.01.15-0001 of the European Social Fund.