Independent study and materials

Independent language learning is suitable for those who want to learn a language on their own, as well as for those who take courses. If you wish to study Estonian independently and practice it with the help of a computer or a smart device, there are several possibilities. Here are some of them that you can use for free.


  • - an online Estonian language course for beginners, where you can study on the basis of both Russian and English.

To get free access please do the following:
1. go to;
2. click on ‘Try 7 days for free’;
3. select Estonian language learning;
4. select the language of communication;
5. register as a user;
6. after loggin in click on ‘Subscribe’ and select ‘12 Month’;
7. click on ‘Do you want to use a coupon?’;
8. enter the code EV100 for free studying (this code resets the cost of the plan);
9. start studying!

To reset your password:
1. go to and click Log in;
2. click ‘Forgotten your password?’;
3. enter your e-mail with which the Speakly account has been created - we will send you a code, please enter the code to the field on the screen and choose a new password;
4. click ‘Change password’ - your password has now been updated and will allow you to log in to your account.

For further information and assistance please contact
NB! If you have an account at, you can also study with the same user account in the Speakly mobile app (you can download it from Google Play or Appstore).



  • – online Estonian language courses for beginners and advanced, interactive exercises, animation, video, tests.
  • – language practice application to help you find chat partners and practice your language online as well as directly.
  • – an application that helps you find expressions for certain situations and create your own dictionary.
  • – a digital grammar game and a dictionary for learning Estonian at B1, B2 and higher levels.





  • – language portal: new words and phrases, explanations, example sentences, neighboring words, origin information, word translation and word games.
  • – a set of different dictionaries
  • – dictionaries, speller, bisector
  • – an online dictionary with a wide choice of languages
  • - machine translation between several European languages, in 2022 Ukrainian was added




    You can find the list of materials above in a convenient printable format here: 


    The Guide for Independent Language Learning" supports you: 


    See also practical video tips on independent language learning opportunities.