Information for new arrivals

Thanks to Estonia’s outstanding e-solutions and friendly and helpful officials, coming to Estonia to live, work and study couldn’t be easier!

As in every other country, those wishing to come to Estonia and reside here temporarily need to have a legal basis for doing so. Information about this can be found on the website of the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) at

The migration specialists at the PBGB can advise new arrivals on issues related to residence permits (

Issues like learning and practising Estonian, how things are organised, working and running a business, education, choosing somewhere to live, medical assistance, social support, public services and benefits are just as important as residence permits to those arriving in the country.

The advisers from the Integration Foundation’s Counselling Centre and its counselling web offer a wide range of information and can refer people on to other agencies and service providers where needed. The advisers can introduce residents to public services they may need or be interested in and can support them in dealing with state institutions and local authorities.

The advisory services are available to anyone who has questions about living in Estonia.

The Integration Foundation’s advisers can also be invited to company information and awareness-raising events to showcase the advisory service and to speak in greater detail about the types of issues people can and should turn to the centre with. The advisers can also be brought in to companies that employ people of other nationalities in order to provide group advice and counselling on site.

The operations of the Integration Foundation’s Counselling Centre form part of the ‘Development and implementation of advisory and information system’ activity of the ‘Activities supporting integration in Estonian society’ project of the European Social Fund.