Integration awards

The awards are designed to recognise developments in the field, including innovative approaches in getting people from different national backgrounds working together.

The integration awards are presented in four categories:

  • The building blocks of integration (acknowledging the cultural diversity of Estonia and the targeted long-term activities to promote integration);
  • Bridge Builder of the Year (implementation of cooperation projects between native Estonians and non-Estonian residents);
  • Message Carrier of the Year (development of attitudes supporting integration through the media);
  • Spark of the Year (implementation of outstanding activities in the field of integration).


The integration prize fund is EUR 4,000.

The Integration Foundation has been conferring integration awards since 1999. The integration development awards are funded by the Ministry of Culture.

The information about the awards for 2021.-2022. year can be found HERE (in Estonian). 

Additional information: 
Ave Härsing
Head of Cultural Diversity Activities
+372 659 9024