Language Friends Program

Estonian Language Friends Program Keelesõber offers the opportunity to practice Estonian language by communicating with volunteer Estonian language mentors via e-channels or phone.

Estonian language learners and volunteers speaking Estonian on the native language level are both welcome to join the program.



The 3rd season of Keelesõber ended on May 17, 2022. The new season of Keelesõber Program starts in the beginning of 2023. The registration will be announced on our website.


If you know Estonian at least at A2 level and want to get additional Estonian language practice by regularly talking to a person who speaks Estonian fluently, you are welcome to register to participate in Keelesõber program.

Keelesõber program offers you an opportunity to

  • improve your Estonian language skills,

  • get more courage in speaking Estonian,

  • get acquainted with Estonian culture and the Estonian way of living, 

  • introduce your culture to your language practice friend,

  • find new friends and connections.

After registration you will be contacted by programm coordinator and language mentor to start practicing with a voluntary Estonian language mentor as a chat partner. All the conversation details (how often, when, channel etc) you´ll agree with your mentor. Conversation topics are also up to you.


The first phase of the volunteer Estonian Language Friends Program Keelesõber was initiated by the Integration Foundation in 2020 due closures during corona pandemic.

In 2022, 675 people participated, including 332 volunteer mentors and 343 language learners. In three seasons a total of 1322 study pairs have been formed.

  • The task of the mentors was to communicate with language learners in Estonian a few times a week on various topics via online channels or phone. Some mentors helped even several language learners to practise the language. The teachers of the Estonian Language Houses of the Integration Foundation and the Estonian language methodologists instructed the mentors by offering them short trainings and supporting materials.

  • Most of the mentors were from Estonia, but also Estonians from all over the world joined the project. The language learners were mostly Estonian residents, but also a few people from Russia, USA, Germany, Finland and elsewhere.

  • All mentors contributed to the project voluntarily, language learners joined the initiative through public registration.

  • After supervised meetings of mentors and language learners stopped many language friends continued to communicate and practice Estonian..

More information about the Estonian Language Friends Program Keelesõber and other volunteer opportunities:

Ave Landrat
The Head of Partnerships