Language proficiency and testing language skills

You need to assess your skills in Estonian in order to choose the most suitable language course.

To determine the level of language proficiency you can use self-assessment grid.

Placement tests are designed for and required by everyone who wants to enrol in an Estonian language course but isn’t sure which level they’re suited to. They can also be of help to anyone interested in taking a state exam in the language who isn’t sure which one to sign up for or who wants to take a look at the sample questions used at the Innove foundation’s exam centre.

The state exams test your skills in Estonian as the national language. They are designed for those who wish to apply for Estonian citizenship and/or those whose workplace requires proof of their skills in the language.

The requirements of Estonian language skills, their assessment and their testing are set by the Language Act. The structure and procedure for the conducting of the state exams are approved by a regulation of the Ministry of Education and Research. Language levels required in specific professional positions are established by a regulation of the Government of the Republic. Professional language skills are measured and state exams are administered in Estonia at four levels: A2, B1, B2 and C1. The determination of language skills requirements is informed by the category of public servant, the main group of the profession, the attestation requirements of the main groups of professions, the language skills requirements set out in professional standards and the nature of the job in question. In determining the compulsory language skills level of individuals, the language skills levels set out in the European language learning framework document are taken as a basis.

State exams are organised by the Innove foundation. For more information see

Information on registering for Estonian exams can be found online at

The web-based practice materials created by the Integration Foundation also continue to be of support to language learners: see E-Fant ( and Kutsekeel (

You can check how well prepared you are for your exam and test your Estonian skills free of charge online at

To determine your general language skills, you can take a quick test here:

The tasks devised for the Estonian language testing site were trialled during the piloting of the adaptation programme for new immigrants and among students at the University of Tartu, Tallinn University and Tallinn Health Care College. The site was set up by the Integration Foundation in cooperation with the National Examination and Qualification Centre, Juku Lab OÜ and Tallinn University. Creation of the site was supported by the Ministry of Culture and the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals.